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The Beet Box

Interactive art installation for

Desert Hearts Music Festival

Make musical beats
using actual beets

We gave festival goers a chance to connect beyond the dance floor and produce their own music using something you’d find in the produce aisle.

DH Beet Box Phone-1.jpg
DH Beet Box Phone-9_edited.jpg


Create a visually stimulating and super tactile art installation for Desert Hearts Music Festival that allows people to make their own music by playing real beets.


I found inspiration for the Beet Box whilst deep diving on Reddit forums. This project went through several iterations, from exploring the design of the Beet Box frame to the various sensory devices that could program music samples.

DH Beet Box-1.jpg


I collaborated with a talented craftsman and founder of Bryer Made on building out the design. From designing the box pattern in Illustrator to sourcing materials and laser cutting the wood—the two of us did it all. 

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