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Mannequin Makeover
Part 1

Art installation


The beginning of a love story

My affinity for mannequins started a few years ago when a friend called me with an interesting proposition: 

"Hey, I know someone with a warehouse full of mannequins. Wanna come check it out?" 

Of course, I said YES! I took as many bodies as I could fit in my car.


I didn’t know what to do with the bodies when I got them home. So I phoned a friend (as anyone should do in these situations) and she let me store them in her studio. Then, we stocked up on a bunch of shiny paint and of course GLITTER.

Mannequingirls WIP_edited.jpg
Mannequin girls WIP_4.jpg

From basic to yas qween 

I gave the full body a golden sunset tint. Her name is Ruby. I have to say, she's a wonderful stagehand when I'm filming weird videos at home. Her magnetic energy brightens up any room she’s in.

A starr is born 

The silver half body evolved into the centerpiece of my home music studio. I found a music note left over from an old laser cutting project and thought it'd be the perfect symbol to make her pop! Her name is Estella Starr.

Estella before.jpg
Ruby O_edited.jpg

Mannequin Makeover
Part 2

Art installation table 

Blu Bare.HEIC

My boy Blu

Since I've become known as a mannequin aficionado, more people have offered me their mannequins. For this guy, I wanted to do something different and make him into a functional piece of furniture.


I thought about making him into a planter or a table. After deciding he should be a table, the next challenge was figuring out how to prep the palette. Off with his head! 



It was pretty tricky cutting his neck due to the hollow frame but we managed.


I explored different color combinations for his body. With a handful of favorites from the same Etsy shop, I messaged the seller to request a custom piece that would serve as the table top.

MANnequin planning.jpg
My Boy Blu.heic

Final result 

In the end, I didn't have to choose between making him into a planter or a table. I still have his neck and plan to make it into a planter covered in living moss. Double whammy! 

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