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Coming Out Party

Event production

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Coming out is hard. Trust me, I can say that now that I’ve done it. Fearing how others will respond—whether they will accept you or reject you entirely—is overwhelming. But I’m at a point in life where I’m leaning into the things that scare me, so this year I decided to come out in a BIG way. 


For my birthday, I planned, produced, and hosted a "Coming Out Party" at one of the oldest LGBTQ+ theaters in the country. My goal for the event was to provide a safe space for queer expression and celebration, fueled by the power of comedy.


To tease the event, I made a public announcement via IG. Yep, that's me on the cover of Out Magazine! It was nice to have friends congratulate me for making the cover. But I had to tell them I quite literally made the cover.  


Putting together the show 

While curating the lineup, I had a lot of ideas about what the show could be. So I started reaching out to queer friends within the improv community and asked for their input. Things quickly snowballed from there! 

Former teammates and teachers helped me assemble an all-star cast of queer performers doing stand-up comedy and improv sets.

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Bday Invite 1.PNG

Coming out soon...
Volume 2

My "Coming Out Party" was a successful proof of concept! Next up, we're bringing Volume 2 to the public at Diversionary Theater this fall!!!


Our goal is to amplify the impact of this event, raise money for a local LGBTQ+ non-profit, and invite more people to celebrate their coming out story—wherever they are in that journey.


In the meantime, is already under development to be a resource for those who want to host a similar event in their local community. More details coming out soon! 

Image by Jiroe (Matia Rengel)
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